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Casino Fortune (closed) Details

Details about Casino Fortune (closed) (software:PlayTech) (review)

Nr. Source Type Rating Pros Cons Author's review
1Best Online Casino RatingsVoting2--7
4kpjjangPersonal3Has one of the biggest sign up, no deposit bonus. Very friendly staff.My sign up bonus went away very quickly... also takes along time for them to pay outI have deposited here and when I cashed out, it to...
5Kelly WallinPersonal3I like their 3 reel slots and their progressive slotsVery slow pay out, they hold withdrawals for 48 hoursPlay tech is probably my 2nd favorite software and...
6Gambling Online MagazineVoting4---
7lynnskyPersonal4lets just say iwas on there side at one timei was denied a bonus from them that i won on a forum and so i do not play with them anymore and the forum from which i won this,dropped them as a sponser, so forums really work for usliked them once,and i deposited with then quite al...
8brwnigrlPersonal4I really like their .10 roulette not found at any other casino I've played atslow spinning slotsI enjoyed this casino and especially their roulett...