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Top of the Tops

That’s an apex of a site. That’s a place where all other tops came together to form one big top (plus several smaller tops). Right now I have two methods to make top of the tops:

1. By the number of times a casino is mentioned in the ratings. It doesn’t matter if the casino was the first or the tenth, it gets one point for each inclusion. The more points a casino gets the higher it is in the list.

2. By sum of places a casino has in the ratings. The first place earns a casino 10 points, the second place – 9 points, the tenth place – 1 point. The bigger the sum of the points the higher the casino stands towards the top.

Four major types of the tops are available:

  • Top of the Tops – takes casinos from all available tops.

  • Voting Supertop – takes casinos from voting tops only.

  • Sites’ Supertop – takes casinos from sites’ tops only.

  • Personal Supertop – takes casinos from personal tops only.

And further each supertop is available in several variants: top 10 casinos, top 25 casinos and all mentioned casinos. Use radiobuttons and the dropdown list below to choose a top to see and then press the “Submit” button.

Type of the top Most often mentioned casinos
   Most highly rated
Type of source All sources
   Voting tops
   Sites tops
   Personal tops
Number of items to show