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The Best Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

There are hundreds of deposit/withdrawal methods all over the world. But the majority of them are available in one or a few countries, many are available for many countries though not all, and only several methods can be used worldwide. Another thing to remember is that many methods are available in quite a limited number of casinos. As a result our choice will be limited to about a dozen methods which are widely available in casinos around the globe.

The best methods should allow players to both deposit and withdraw (preferably to withdraw deposit plus winnings) money, they should be fast (instant is the best), secure and free of charge. Again it is hard to find the absolutely best method, each has its strengths and weaknesses, so read, think and make your choice.

  1. Credit Card still number one for gambling transactions regardless of alternative deposit/withdrawal options. All casinos accept Credit Cards; Credit Cards are free, widespread and fast (deposit instant, withdrawal takes several days). You can hardly find a better method!

  2. Neteller has grown substantially during the last two years, especially since PayPal rejected gambling transactions. This is an electronic payment system that can be funded by Credit Card or Wire Transfer. You can get your money from Neteller via the same methods. Both deposits and withdrawals to Neteller accounts are free (almost at all casinos) and instant, but you will pay for funding your account and cashouts. You can get not only your deposit amount but winnings too to your Neteller account. Neteller is not available for USA, Canada, many Eastern European, Asian and African countries.

  3. MoneyBookers this system is similar to Neteller (it has different tariff structure) and also offers instant deposits/withdrawals to players. MoneyBookers accept more countries but it is younger than Neteller and is not available at some casinos yet (no US gambling customers).

  4. Prepaid ATM, Citadel, ACH all these methods offer fast payment to and from your bank account. Too bad that they are available in USA and Canada only.

  5. FirePay, EcoCard, Gaming Card all these are just intermediaries between your Credit Card and casino. So conditions are similar to a Credit Card, but all these methods are spread less.